nourish body, mind and soul and have a good day

I will nourish my body, mind and soul today.

I am ready for a new day. I have nourished my body by eating and stretching. I have nourished my mind by reading something that enlightens me. I have nourished my soul with a morning meditation. I am full of life.

When I see people today, I will smile. When I talk to people I will share my beauty. I will get at least 10 hugs today-5 for me and 5 for the Universe. I will share ideas that inspire me. I will plant the seeds and watch my garden grow.

If I nourish my body, mind and soul I will have a good day.


Positive People-January 18, 2017

positive people can enhance my life. I am responsible for choosing what influences my life. I must choose my battles wisely and my heroes with care. I am allowed to say no to authority figures when they are wrong. I can also walk away. I can stand up for what I believe. I have good ethics, morals and honesty that guide me in the right direction.

I will surround myself with positive people. I will take part in events that are enlightening. I will take time to learn. I will give these aspects of my life all the power they need to drive me to success and well being. Happiness is a choice. I choose happiness today

Have a massage today and have a great day.

positive people

Janurary 16, 2017-Create your World

Today is a new day, a day to fill with good things. Today I will do things that I am happy about. I will do things for myself, my family and for others. Each task I complete is worthy of celebration. All accomplishments matter. I will keep a collection of possibilities. At the end of the day, I reflect on my success. I will learn what nurtures me.

I will ask the Universe for guidance. I will allow the Universe to guide me. The Universe will help me avoid obsticles and stay on track.

It is up to me to fill the day with good things. I can create my world.

world peace
together we can make the world a better place

daily meditation for July 17, 2013-clarity

I will achieve clarity in my life today. I will be clear on account balances. I know when bills are due. I have all my appointments recorded on my calendar with sufficient reminders in place. I will make a note of upcoming social functions that I might be interested in. I will not miss one because I forgot about it. I will be current on all obligations. I will make lists for shopping. I will make lists of things I want to do.

In order to achieve peace and serenity on a daily basis, I must have a clear mind. I will not struggle with appointments, bills and dates dancing around in my head. They will be recorded in a way that makes my life clear. Only then will I have room for pleasure. Only then will I feel relaxed. I will achieve clarity today. I will be grateful for my clarity. Clarity of mind and heart is the greatest gift.

I will achieve clarity in my life today.

daily meditation for June 9, 2013-I can do anything, as long as I know peace.

I no longer feel that ‘things’ are my pleasure. I do not contemplate what it will be like when I have lots of money and ‘things’. What I do long for is peace of mind. Now that I am well on my way to achieving it, I know that it is the ultimate pleasure.

I have let go of a lot of old behaviors and ideas. My thinking is so different than it was yesterday! Serenity is opening many doors for me. Now that my mind is no longer in a cage, I am capable of many things. I can do anything and have anything as long as I know peace.

peace serenity
I can have anything now that I know peace

daily meditation for June 8, 2013-Shine Like it Does

Allow the light of the Universe shine for you.

I have been inspired by music that has a message. This selection describes the beginning of a spiritual journey. For today’s meditation, I am going to quote one of my favorite songs: Shine Like it Does

This is the power, Since time began, Every single hour, That we have known, And from each moment, All that is left, Sleep of the innocent, Just one desire.

Shine like it does, Into every heart, Shine like it does, And if you’re looking, You will find it.

This is the story, Since time began, There will come a day, When we will know.

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Shine Like it Does
Shine Like it Does.

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daily meditation for June 4, 2013

Life is a journey not a destination. If I put conditions on my happiness, joy and serenity, they won’t be part of my experience anytime soon. I will often get there and find that there is but another destination.

 I will enjoy the experience of achieving my goals. I don’t have to wait until I achieve them to be happy. I will take a moment every day to realize that this and every moment is leading up to something quite wonderful and that I can enjoy this and every moment that I am preparing for greatness.