daily meditation for June 5, 2013

It is time for me to close my eyes and enjoy the ride. I will no longer anticipate what may or may not happen in the future. I will make plans for the day, but I will be flexible when the universe provides better options.

 I will open my mind to what the universe can provide. I will imagine all the best options. I will allow my imagination to create a vision that will be free from limitation. When I follow the path of my dreams, I will often find a better reality. 

just imagine
just imagine

daily meditation for May 22, 2013-quiet meditation

I will visualize the life I desire in quiet meditation

Today I will take 5 minutes to enjoy quiet meditation. I will close my eyes and visualize beauty. Everything I can see, touch, and feel is magnificent. This is my life of abundance and prosperity. I will see that all my needs are met. I will have all the money I need, time to enjoy it, and enough love to share with the world. In quiet meditation I will become aligned with the Universe.

I will carry this feeling with me throughout the day. My awareness has changed through my quiet meditation. I will continue to feel the joy of having all the money, time, and love that I need. I will attract all that I desire. I will feel this way because I really do have all the money, time and love that I need today, and every day.

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quiet meditation
Abundance and Prosperity