What is Shining Spirit Meditation?

Shining Spirit Meditation is an online meditation community. I post daily meditations that we can all share with fellow travelers. We enjoy a community of like minded souls, searching for peace, love, joy, abundance and prosperity.

I encourage you to make yourself at home, look at the other pages on this site and click the links you find here. You never know when you will find the answer to your questions. Shining Spirit Meditation is a morning meditation, an afternoon break, or an evening nightcap.

This is a community. Share with each other. Comment on the posts. Tell us what works for you. Share your spiritual moments with us. Become part of the Shining Spirit.

Shining Spirit Meditation

6 thoughts on “What is Shining Spirit Meditation?”

    1. Gary, great question!

      There are a number of ways that you can do this. By clicking on the ‘f’ facebook logo you can share this with your facebook page. Once it is there you can ‘like’ it and ‘like’ my shiningspiritmeditation facebook page. The other icon below the first row of icons, the ‘like’ button should like this post on your facebook page.

      If all of this is too complicated, just go to click the ‘like’ button under my banner.

      If anyone has any questions on how to receive daily meditations in your newsfeed please respond to this message.

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