When you look back on yesterday with no regret and look to tomorrow with no fear, you will know contentment.

I will greet the new day with an open mind and an open heart. I will thank the Universe for every element of the day that nurtures me. I will add some nurturing actions of my own so I can be the best that I can be. I will choose actions that feel good to carry out and complete. Today is a new day, a day to fill with random acts of kindness, provide joy to those who have none and to fill myself with the light of the Universe. Today I will fill the day with memories of peace and contentment. I will see abundance and prosperity in my future. I will savor each moment of the day. My actions and thoughts create my life. When they are in alignment with the Universe, my life is abundant. I am content. When my actions and thoughts create contentment, my life is open to all the joy in the Universe. When my life is joyful the world becomes my home. My actions and thoughts create my world.

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infinite wisdom

The Universe is my ultimate source of infinite wisdom and prosperity. I will allow the Universe to guide my thoughts and actions. The Universe will guide me and protect me as long as I allow it. If I open my life to the spirit of the universe I will enjoy all the love, peace, joy, abundance and prosperity that life has to offer. The Universe answers. I listen.

Infinite wisdom can be found in the source of all things, the Universe

I find infinite wisdom when I look outside of myself. I am capable of great things when I ask the Universe for ideas and the power to carry them out. The Universe provides me with everything I need to live and give. If I chase life, it eludes me. I must allow good things to come my way. I attract abundance in all areas of my life by imagining, expecting and asking. The Universe provides.

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infinite wisdom
The ultimate source of infinite wisdom is the Universe.

Good Day!

Every day is not a good day. I have survived many events I would rather not repeat. I have learned to avoid repeating the mistakes of my past. Now, the days are better. When I look forward to tomorrow, I draw on the experience of the best of my days. The future looks better all the time. If I had to choose one word to describe my life it would be outstanding.

Have a good day, every day!

If I were to walk over hot pavement in bare feet I would walk very fast. Likewise, I do not savor the hard times. I do appreciate every good day. I think about how I can do a repeat performance tomorrow. Every good day deserves another.

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good day
Each good day deserves another.


small accomplishments

Every thought is an accomplishment. These accomplishments are based on my experience. When I add to my accomplishments the experience of today, I learn. I will apply the experiences of today that have manifested nurturing aspects of my life. I am thrilled by small accomplishments. I work for the greater good. As I complete each task I go on to the next. At the end of the day, I can look back and acknowledge that I have contributed to the good of the universe.

small accomplishments-together we can move mountains

When we all work together, our efforts can help shape the world. Paradise is composed of many small accomplishments. The road to good fortune is composed of many small accomplishments.

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small accomplishments
My thoughts create the Universe

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daily meditation for October 28, 2013-nurture relationships

nurture relationships

I will nurture relationships that are nurturing for me. I water the seed that I plant. I give it the fertilizer that it needs to grow healthy and strong. I generously feed my body healthy fruits and vegetables. I exercise to help my muscles grow. I do this for all of my physical needs and for those who depend on me. I will nurture my mind as well. I will read books that contain the wisdom of others. I will feed my mind the truth.

I will nurture relationships so that they thrive and grow. I will call my friends and say hello. I will tell the ones I haven’t seen in a while that I miss them. I will listen to the people that I love, with all of my heart. My attention will nurture the love I have for them. I will give them all of the attention that I have to give. When we are together I will nurture them with the greatest gift of all. We will share a loving embrace held long enough to share a breath. This is the breath that sustains me. When I nurture relationships they thrive and grow in quality and numbers.

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nurture relationships
I will nurture relationships that are nurturing for me.

daily meditation for October 21, 2013-visualize paradise

visualize paradise
I will visualize paradise. I will close my eyes and see an abundant life filled with peace and contentment. When I visualize paradise I will create a magnificent picture of my abundant life. I will feel the sensations of being in this picture. I will create a complete picture of what I have, what I feel and what I am.

I will feel the excitement of having abundance of love. I have family, friends and community. I am at peace and harmony with all of them. I feel the pride of being useful and helping others achieve their dreams as I have. I feel a great sense of gratification because I am well paid for what I do. I will feel the sense of contentment as I relax in my home. When I visualize paradise, home is my ultimate paradise. It is a monument to all that I desire. When I visualize paradise, I am home.

Guided Visualization

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Visualization has manifested many wonderful aspects of my life. I have visualized the perfect mentor. She is now helping me become a better version of my already fabulous self. I have visualized appliances working when they were not functioning. Everything works today. These are but a few examples of shocking realities that I have visualized. Picture it-feel it. Be the vision.

visualize paradise
When I visualize paradise I will create a magnificent picture of my abundant life.

daily meditation for September 30, 2013-spiritual balance

Spiritual balance is the key to good living. I will satisfy personal, business, and pleasure goals today. I will also take time out for personal and intellectual self improvement. A well rounded day consists of all of these activities done in harmony with my needs. I will feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that my needs have been met.

When I live a well balanced life, I am capable of great things. Spiritual balance gives me the strength I need to make good decisions on my own behalf and for those who depend on me. When I have taken care of myself and others, I create a sense of well being. With a sense of well being I will attract all the things that will help me build my dreams. I will achieve spiritual balance in my own life so that I can contribute to all that is good in the world.

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Spiritual balance is the key to good living. I will satisfy personal, business, and pleasure goals today.

daily meditation for September 21, 2013-Love


Love is the key to my well being. It is with me in body, mind and spirit. It is present in all my personal relationships. It is present in the business for which I have passion. It is the key to spiritual fulfillment. It is the light of the Universe.

I will love my body. I will exercise. I will take care of my skin, hair and nails. I will look at myself in the mirror and express the love I feel for myself. I will improve my mind by aligning my thoughts with the Universe. I will learn new things every day. I will seek spiritual progress every day by loving myself. I will seek unconditional love. I will look for love in my infinite source of all things. Love is all around me. When I align myself with the Universe and look in the right direction I will find it. I just have to learn how to recognize it, nurture it and share it.

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These are the 7 stages of love:


The Law of Attraction states, “To be attractive, you have to be authentic.” What makes a person attractive? The wisdom traditions tell us that attraction first and foremost comes from naturalness. Nothing is more beautiful than naturalness.


This law states that infatuation exists to open the door to a deeper, transcendent reality. Infatuation happens when the attraction between two people is so intense that it transports them beyond ordinary perception and the ordinary world becomes enchanted.


The Law of Communion says that communion is contact of soul with soul. Communion is the sharing of spirit. Therefore, communion is the basis of trust. In this stage, lovers move into territory of the unknown, taking from each other what they did not possess alone.


The law of Intimacy states that in true intimacy flesh merges with flesh, and spirit with spirit. In intimacy, sexual energy and spiritual energy are recognized as one. Sexual energy is seen as the creative energy of the universe.

Surrender and Non-Attachment

The Law of Surrender says that losing yourself in another person is the best way to find your true self. Surrender is the result of relinquishing the ego’s last claims to separation. Surrender and non-attachment open the door to the miraculous, because miracles exist outside the realm of I, me, and mine.


The Law of Passion says that higher reality is experienced in the merging of the masculine and the feminine in one’s own being. Passion for life and passion in love are the same thing. This is because life, in its essence, is love.


The Law of Ecstasy says that ecstasy is our original state. This is where we come from, the Garden of Eden, the state of grace to which we shall one day return. Ecstasy is the final stage of intimacy with spirit that flows through love.

Love Changes Everything

daily meditation for September 20, 2013-spiritual adventure

I will live life as a spiritual adventure.

Every day is a spiritual adventure when I open my spirit to the infinite possibilities that the Universe has to offer. I will not look for that which I already know. I will not seek experiences that I have already had. I will not dream of the past. I will seek out new knowledge and new experiences. I will allow the Universe to guide my journey.

I will begin my journey with a deep breath. I will clear my mind. I will set forth on the journey of my dreams. I will begin my spiritual adventure. I will see things I have never seen and do things I have never done. The possibilities are beyond anything I have ever imagined. I will allow my feelings to match the magnificence that I am experiencing. I will feel a sense of joy that I have never known. I will allow the road to create itself as I proceed forward in my life. I will anticipate joy, serenity, peace, abundance and prosperity. I will allow the Universe to create the experience. I will live life as a spiritual adventure.

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spiritual adventure