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Shining Spirit Meditations

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Shining Spirit Meditation posts affirmations for daily meditation on Facebook and Twitter. Guided meditations with beautiful music are available here at the Shining Spirit Store, in Paradise Fort Lauderdale. Shining Spirit MP3 downloads are perfect for your IPod, phone or tablet. You can take a comforting meditation with you wherever you go. There are 4 downloads to choose from: Abundance and Prosperity, Relaxation, Meeting your Inner Child, and Nurturing your Infant.

The Shining Spirit Meditation DVD is an animated visual meditation experience. I used the latest technology to create a breathtaking animated meditation journey. It includes three tracks for a variety of experiences. The first track engages the viewer on an animated journey accompanied by soulful music. The second is a guided meditation that allows the user to relax. Every part of the body is encouraged to ascend to a deep level of relaxation. The third track is a healing inner child meditation that will help you meet your infant and give him the nurturing he needs. The DVD is available at Amazon.com. Each individual track is available for download here at the Shining Spirit Meditation Store.

Enter a world of peace, serenity, abundance and prosperity. Shining Spirit Meditations can change your perspective on life and help you achieve your goals. I wish you the best that life has to offer. Please share your experiences. You have nothing to lose but that which is holding you back.

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