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Fort LauderdaleI moved to Fort Lauderdale in June of 2000. I went through the usual blues, but things were picking up I was getting involved in the community and business was picking up. After the Twin Towers collapsed the world started to feel hopeless. I began to feel hopeless. I experiences such a low that I was able to ask the Universe for guidance.
The journey of my spirit got a jump start when I started to meditate. I realized, by traveling for quite some time in the wrong direction, that my soul  was part of a wonderful universe which was of my making. If I decided that today was going to be a crappy day, it usually was. I began to change my thinking. I started to meditate. The infinite power of the universe was becoming evident to me in my meditations.
I had looked for all kinds of sustenance from many different sources. I always found myself alone and frustrated. Where was this love everyone talked about? I know I felt it once a long time ago. It was wonderful when it wasn’t terrible. I realized that in order to receive love I had to own it and share it. It all started to make sense when I started to meditate. I had looked for love in places where a limited supply was to be found. When I directed by thoughts to the universe, I realized that I had found the infinite source of all things. I had found an infinite supply of love. The best part is this realization is that I knew I was part of it. Meditation was changing my life.
This meant that if I looked within, to that part of me that was of the infinite universe, I would find all that I needed. I realize now that I am a mirror of what I seek. I had to see the most beautiful part of myself in order to be happy with what I found elsewhere. It is when I changed how I looked at myself that I found infinite resources to use at my discretion.
I was still lost until I started to meditate. I got quiet, listened to nice music, and started to change. I started to see that I was having a hard time seeing beauty in the world because the waste products of my life were in the way. Can you imagine what your house would look like if you never cleaned it? Uh, huh. I had some housecleaning to do.
I got rid of all of the feelings that were not serving me. I kept the joy and made it a foundation on which to build a new life. When I built on joy as a foundation for living, my vision became one of beauty. I no longer saw the ghosts of the life I had left behind. I saw good in everything. Even the most diabolical of all entities served a purpose–to motivate all that is good.
I now have a rich and rewarding life. I am starting a business network of services that will promote joy, prosperity and abundance to those that find me. I am based in Fort Lauderdale FL, but I serve the Universe. I started with a little project using my animation skills that tells the story of my life. My meditation DVD, Shining Spirit Meditations, is available on Amazon.com. Its children are there too. My meditation MP3 downloads offer a variety of journeys to help nourish the soul. I have continued posting daily thoughts, based on my life in paradise, Fort Lauderdale, on my Shining Spirit Meditation Facebook (click like to get daily posts in your news feed) page. You can find them all under one roof at my website: Shining Spirit Meditation.
I am finding relationships that nourish my soul. I attract people that are kind, peaceful and wonderful. I do this by becoming the person that I would like to fall in love with. I am.
Dennis Replogle, Paradise, Fort Lauderdale

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