daily meditation for July 11, 2013-time to change

Courage to change

I will find my voice. I will speak of encouragement, guidance and unconditional love. I will offer the gift of my experience. I will share the help, honor and love I have received with everyone I encounter. I will speak with humility and compassion.

My voice comes from my conscious. It comes from my heart. When it comes from my head I have to be careful that is not the result of a reaction to something that offends me. I will convey messages that come from the wisdom of the Universe. My voice is true, therefore it will rise above the noise of hate and deceit. My voice is triumphant and the things I say will matter. My voice will change the world.

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voice of change
I will change the world

daily meditation for July 3, 2013-Listen to my Heart

Sometimes it is very difficult to put things into words. I am sending this message to you because it best describes my desire:

Here we are, you and I at last. in the right place, at the right time. Every dream I’ve dreamed have come to pass, cause you’re right here, and your all mine. I can’t believe the years of holding back are through. And I can finally share what’s in my heart, with you…Listen, listen. Listen to my heart, listen to it sing. Listen to my voice, it wants to tell you everything. There’s so much to say, I don’t know where to start. But if you want to know the love I’m feeling, listen to my heart. All my life, I’ve been on a road. Going one way, toward one dream. The road would wind, and down it I would go. Always searching, never finding. But even in my darkest hour I always knew that someday, somehow, the road would lead to you. And words can’t express how my heart’s filled with happiness. Listen to it.

I love you
listen to my heart

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daily meditation for July 2, 2013-follow me

Sometimes I have to stop production and take inventory. I will take time out to look at my goals, what I have achieved and where I want to go. The more I understand the past, the better I can navigate the present. I will look at events that affect the way I am today. I will understand why they have affected me as they do.

I cannot always follow a road that is easily traveled. If I want others to follow me I will have to stop and do maintenance on the road. Sometimes I will have to make my own path. What makes me who I am at the time I reach the end of the road is not that I made it to the end of the road, but what I did along the way. I don’t get extra points for getting there first.

Follow me