Animal Birth Control for Broward

Animal Birth Control of Broward County

animal birth control.
Tipper and Maggie were sterilized thanks to Animal Birth Control.

Animal Birth Control of Broward County is an organization that helps offset spay and neuter costs for foster caregivers and cat owners to help them to sterilize their pets.

Please donate what you can to a great organization:

Ignoring the problem of animal birth control has allowed hundreds of thousands of stray cats to continue to breed in Broward County. These cats live hard lives. They do not get fed or petted. The do not receive love. They are infested with fleas and other parasites. The are injured or killed by cars. They are hungry.

Please help stop the suffering. There are 7 cats born every day for one human. There will never be enough homes for all the cats that are born unless there is some kind of intervention. We need people that care. Please contribute whatever you can.

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