Meeting Your Inner Child

Meeting Your Inner Child
Time: 10 minutes
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Relax and enjoy this guided meditation. Meet your inner child and learn how to parent him in a peaceful nurturing environment. Shining Spirit Meditations- for peace, abundance and prosperity.

Inner child healing can help you to release grief, shame, fear, and pain that comes from growing up in an environment where your needs were not met. Sometimes physical and sexual abuse was present, sometimes it was not. We suffer from emotional wounds and lack of clarity. We abandon ourselves and are unable to grow. We need to rescue our inner child and reparent him in order to love the person that we are. Start loving yourself by listening to this meditation. Listen to it daily until you have mastered it. The emotional healing you experience from this meditation will help you find the person you were meant to be-happy, joyous and free.

Hug your inner child!

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