When I hurt my finger, I put on a band-aid. When I spill the milk I clean it up. I keep my house clean. I will do everything I can to maintain my spirit as well. In the morning I give my life to the Universe. I offer whatever is needed. Then, I relax and welcome the Universe into my thoughts, my dreams and my actions. I surrender to the Universe because the wisdom of the Universe will lead me to my purpose.

I will share the experience of my life with my family. My family grows every day. When I am conveying the message that I get when I listen to the Universe, my family is infinite. I will stand on the highest mountain and cry out the joy of loving myself. The more I love myself, the more love I share with my family. Now, I know who I am. Now, I know what to do. Now, I know I am loved and I can love unconditionally everything the Universe has to offer. I am one with my spirit.

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