good day

Good Day!

Every day is not a good day. I have survived many events I would rather not repeat. I have learned to avoid repeating the mistakes of my past. Now, the days are better. When I look forward to tomorrow, I draw on the experience of the best of my days. The future looks better all the time. If I had to choose one word to describe my life it would be outstanding.

Have a good day, every day!

If I were to walk over hot pavement in bare feet I would walk very fast. Likewise, I do not savor the hard times. I do appreciate every good day. I think about how I can do a repeat performance tomorrow. Every good day deserves another.

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good day
Each good day deserves another.


2 thoughts on “Good Day!”

  1. My day started with the meditation and I was filled with peace light and energy! I am in adoration of this site and it’s creator as well as the followers … what a shining reminder of the power of the universe and the abundance in store for us all
    Love ~ Peace ~ Light … d

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