daily meditation for September 20, 2013-spiritual adventure

I will live life as a spiritual adventure.

Every day is a spiritual adventure when I open my spirit to the infinite possibilities that the Universe has to offer. I will not look for that which I already know. I will not seek experiences that I have already had. I will not dream of the past. I will seek out new knowledge and new experiences. I will allow the Universe to guide my journey.

I will begin my journey with a deep breath. I will clear my mind. I will set forth on the journey of my dreams. I will begin my spiritual adventure. I will see things I have never seen and do things I have never done. The possibilities are beyond anything I have ever imagined. I will allow my feelings to match the magnificence that I am experiencing. I will feel a sense of joy that I have never known. I will allow the road to create itself as I proceed forward in my life. I will anticipate joy, serenity, peace, abundance and prosperity. I will allow the Universe to create the experience. I will live life as a spiritual adventure.

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spiritual adventure