personal responsibility

daily meditation for September 8, 2013-personal responsibility

My personal responsibility to the world.

I believe that it is my personal responsibility to give the world my best. It is my joy to live, love and give of myself. I owe it to everyone I encounter to be professional, courteous, friendly and honest. I owe the world my attention. If I see something beautiful I will savor the moment. I will help make the world beautiful. My contribution to the world shows the gratitude that I have for an abundant life. 

My personal responsibility will evolve over time. I will give of myself at deeper level of consciousness. I will share with my community. I will give of the knowledge and abilities that I receive. I give back what the Universe has given to me. I give what I would like to receive. I will align my thoughts with generosity, kindness, and the welfare of my community. My community will prosper by the contributions that I make. My personal responsibility will create a magnificent world.

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personal responsibility
It is my personal responsibility to help make the world a beautiful place.

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