my vision

daily meditation for September 7, 2013-vision

My vision is my reality

My vision is corrected by meditation. Amazing things are happening all around me. I need not change my environment. I will change my vision instead. There is a positive side to every person, place or thing in the Universe. I will give the positive all of my attention. There are many ways that I can change my vision through meditation. I will practice every one of them that feels right to my child. My child is my visionary. I open my mind, heart and spirit to everything that is magnificent. I aspire to nothing less than magnificence.

I will close my eyes and see beautiful things. I will feel serenity at the deepest level of my consciousness that I can reach. I will give these things that I see and feel all of my attention. I will nurture these thoughts and create my own experience. I will align my thoughts with all the comforts me. My vision will manifest the life of my dreams.

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My vision will shape my destiny.

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