peace and serenity

daily meditation for August 27, 2013-peace and serenity

Peace and Serenity are mine only if I give it away. I will invite others to live in peace. I will invite them to consider new possibilities. I will tell them of the joy and peach that I have learned to enjoy. I will be apathetic to their needs. Everyone needs peace and serenity but not everyone wants it.

My past is filled with memories of heroes and those who have fallen. Some mastered peace and serenity and others could not grasp it. We all just need to find the right path. Today I will ask for the wisdom of the Universe, the strength of the Spirit, and the courage that I was born with. I will grasp all the possibilities that are freely given to me. If I feel peace and serenity along the way, I know I am on the right path.

Great site for serenity

peace and serenity
peace and serenity are mine only if I give it away.

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