daily meditation for August 17, 2013-serenity

Serenity is not a constant state.

Serenity has a design that I use as a guide for peaceful living. It must be nurtured. Asking the Universe for serenity is like asking for seeds. What the Universe gives me must be developed into what I experience by my actions. I think of ways to give rather than trying to receive. I will take action to establish a peaceful life.

I will start the day by acknowledging that I serve the Universe. I offer myself to the world around me and do things that serve my community. I close my eyes and meditate. I open my mind to ideas on how to live. I take care of my physical needs. I treat myself well. I celebrate. I allow serenity to grow as I take the actions that feed it. Most of all I will enjoy the serenity when I experience it. I will acknowledge it, love it, nurture it and celebrate it. Serenity is the foundation of all I create.

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Serenity is not a constant state. It must be nurtured.

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