positive affirmations

daily meditation for August 8, 2013-positive affirmations

I will fill my day with positive affirmations. I will identify and eliminate all of the negative thoughts that do not serve me. I will turn the negative thought into positive thoughts. Positive affirmations will change the way I feel about myself and the world around me. I will approach all situations from a positive point of view. The outcome will change if I add a positive presence instead of a negative one.

My thinking becomes my reality. Positive affirmations describe the world through the eyes of the Universe. If I see things though the eyes of my creator I am more in sync with the will of the Universe. I will visualize magnificence in every situation and person I encounter. I will ask myself ‘what aspect of my magnificent self can I bring to improve upon every condition in my life?’ A negative attitude will repel everything I want to achieve. Positive affirmations will prepare me to receive all the abundance and prosperity that the Universe has to offer.

daily question from Tiny Budda

The more you can get a hold on your thoughts, the greater control you will gain over your emotions. After all, why would you choose to feel anything but joyful, elated, on top of the world, clear-minded, creative, enthusiastic, or eager? What will it be like when you can feel like that for most of your day?

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positive affirmations
Positive affirmations describe the world through the eyes of the Universe.

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