daily meditation for July 25, 2013

I will make a new list of goals for today. I will start with the goals that are on other lists that I have not achieved. I will do those things first. Fort each task that has been put off I will take five minutes to thank myself for completing it. I will acknowledge the joy of completing the task and visualize how it will benefit my life.

I will do this will all of the short term goals that I have been putting off. I will do this every day until I have nothing left but current and daily tasks at hand. I will take the time to appreciate the accomplishment of completion. I will do this every time a task lingers on my ‘to do’ list for more than a week. I have only one other option. If something on my list remains unfinished for more than a week, it may be something that I just don’t need or want to do. I will write down that task on a small piece of paper, fold it in half and put it in a bowl. Once a month I will pick something from the bowl and consider it one more time. If I still don’t do it, I will throw it away.

I will make a new list of goals for today

I will make a new list of goals for today

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