gifts of the Universe

daily meditation for July 21, 2013-Gifts of the Universe

I will acknowledge that the Universe has the power to resolve all the adversity that I might face today. I will ask the Spirit of the Universe to ‘go before me’ in all that I do. If my faith is great I will do this once. If I feel hesitation, I will ask again. I will believe it. I will have faith that I will be safe.

There are some things that I must do to protect myself. I will safeguard my home against slip and fall accidents, drive safely, I will eat healthy food and engage in healthy activities. I will ask the Universe for spiritual strength, so I can focus on the task at hand and forget the fear. While the Universe is perfect many things I encounter are products of humanity. I will not place these things in the same category as the perfect gifts of the Universe. The beauty of this is that the gifts of humanity which are not perfect can be replaced. The gifts of the Universe are eternal.

gifts of the Universe
The gifts of the Universe are eternal.

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