daily meditation for July 20, 2013-magnificent

I will create a magnificent life today. I will create a space of emotional well being. I will no longer entertain thoughts of struggle in my head. One suggestion of fear is all it takes to lead to another and another and another. I will fill my head with magnificent thoughts as soon as I wake up. I will think of all the things that I am grateful for. If there is something that I would like to change I will visualize it how I want it to be. I will feel the feelings that I have because it has changed. I will do what it takes to change it.

Most of my reality is in my thoughts. I can decide to be happy. I am. I will entertain thoughts of magnificence and dismiss those of fear. I will take a walk through my life as if I am walking through the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. I will make this garden my own. I will walk through it every day.

I will create a magnificent life today.

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