daily meditation for June 11, 2013-I am grateful

I used to struggle. I felt like I had to manage everything. I now know that I have certain responsibilities. I need to wake up early and take part in actions that will lead to abundance and prosperity. I feed myself. I exercise. I pray and I meditate.

Today I will let the universe provide me with all of the sustenance I need. If I allow it into my life, the universe will provide me with all the love, joy, peace and serenity I need. All I need is good orderly direction to attract and abundant life. I no longer live in fear. I have enthusiasm and fulfillment with every day that passes. I am extremely grateful.



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2 Responses to daily meditation for June 11, 2013-I am grateful

  1. Dnay F says:

    Practicing gratitude for this wonderful message today – xoxoxoxox Peace ~ Love ~ Light

  2. Dennis says:

    Good to hear from you Dnay.

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