nourish body, mind and soul and have a good day

I will nourish my body, mind and soul today.

I am ready for a new day. I have nourished my body by eating and stretching. I have nourished my mind by reading something that enlightens me. I have nourished my soul with a morning meditation. I am full of life.

When I see people today, I will smile. When I talk to people I will share my beauty. I will get at least 10 hugs today-5 for me and 5 for the Universe. I will share ideas that inspire me. I will plant the seeds and watch my garden grow.

If I nourish my body, mind and soul I will have a good day.


Positive People-January 18, 2017

positive people can enhance my life. I am responsible for choosing what influences my life. I must choose my battles wisely and my heroes with care. I am allowed to say no to authority figures when they are wrong. I can also walk away. I can stand up for what I believe. I have good ethics, morals and honesty that guide me in the right direction.

I will surround myself with positive people. I will take part in events that are enlightening. I will take time to learn. I will give these aspects of my life all the power they need to drive me to success and well being. Happiness is a choice. I choose happiness today

Have a massage today and have a great day.

positive people

Janurary 16, 2017-Create your World

Today is a new day, a day to fill with good things. Today I will do things that I am happy about. I will do things for myself, my family and for others. Each task I complete is worthy of celebration. All accomplishments matter. I will keep a collection of possibilities. At the end of the day, I reflect on my success. I will learn what nurtures me.

I will ask the Universe for guidance. I will allow the Universe to guide me. The Universe will help me avoid obsticles and stay on track.

It is up to me to fill the day with good things. I can create my world.

world peace
together we can make the world a better place

Beautiful day

Today is a beautiful day.

beautiful day


Magnificence comes in many
shapes, colors and sizes.
There is no limit to beauty,
Nothing more powerful and
nothing more desirable.
The magnificent world around
us is there for our appreciation
if you open your eyes and your heart.

I will open my life to the beauty
Around me and inside of me.

Shining Spirit Meditation Video

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magnificent thoughts

My life has been much like a leaf floating in the wind. I will visualize the direction I am going and how fast I can get there. The Universe will be my wind. My magnificent thoughts and feelings will enhance my journey. My thoughts and feelings will become things. Since my life is of my creation, I am not subject to where the wind blows me. I will think magnificent thoughts and visualize an amazing life. I will feel what is it like to have this abundant life. It will soon be my reality.

My magnificent thoughts create my life. I will think of what I want and ask the Universe to help me get there. I see health, wealth and happiness. I am healthy. I am happy. I have great wealth to share with the Universe. My wisdom comes from the bright center of the Universe. It is beautiful there. I see the wisdom of the ages. I learn. I speak. I act.

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My needs are met by an abundant and loving Universe.

I ask the Universe for the two things I need every day. My needs include enough food to eat, and a safe place to live. As long as I have something to eat and a place to sleep, I will have love to give. I will also ask for someone that needs my help. I have no greater joy than bringing kindness where there is none. It is my dream that I search the world over and find love and kindness everywhere I go.

Food and rest give me the physical strength I need to live a healthy life. As long as I can breathe I can help the person who does not have these things. Joy is a gift from the Universe for the kindness I share with the world. The universe is abundant and my needs are met today. My life is as abundant as the Universe. I will thank the Universe for all that I receive. I am grateful. I am safe. I am prosperous.

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My needs are met


When I hurt my finger, I put on a band-aid. When I spill the milk I clean it up. I keep my house clean. I will do everything I can to maintain my spirit as well. In the morning I give my life to the Universe. I offer whatever is needed. Then, I relax and welcome the Universe into my thoughts, my dreams and my actions. I surrender to the Universe because the wisdom of the Universe will lead me to my purpose.

I will share the experience of my life with my family. My family grows every day. When I am conveying the message that I get when I listen to the Universe, my family is infinite. I will stand on the highest mountain and cry out the joy of loving myself. The more I love myself, the more love I share with my family. Now, I know who I am. Now, I know what to do. Now, I know I am loved and I can love unconditionally everything the Universe has to offer. I am one with my spirit.

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Every thought is an event. These events create my life. When I add the experiences to the events of today, I learn. I will remember the that which has manifested nurturing aspects of my life. Every experience is worth noticing. Many are worth repeating.

I have chosen to enhance the experience of the past.

My create paradise. I have chosen to enhance the events that have helped me to become the person that I am. This is one way to let the Universe know what I desire. I will look back on good times in the past to create a magnificent future. Now that my thoughts are peaceful, my future will be abundant.

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experiences create my life

attract abundance

When I believe that and am grateful for what I have, I attract abundance and prosperity. The universe will provide me with all that I need to live and thrive. The universe wants me to be abundant. I am abundant. When I believe that, I attract abundance.

I will allow my loving spirit to attract abundance

Being loving, joyful and grateful projects my energy out to the universe. It acts like a magnet to attract all good things. When I feel good, I attract all good things. It is that simple. 

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I attract abundance by being grateful for what I have